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About Mcanous Design

Mcanous Design was founded in 2015 by a highly qualified marketing professional. William Danielson it’s founder mission is to help our clients succeed under our professional guidance. I develop uniquely crafted marketing programs to achieve the best outcomes, taking into consideration any challenges and constraints that need to be conquered along the way to secure the success of our campaigns. I provide strategic guidance and clarity to our clients and work closely with them from the planning stage through tactical execution, reporting, and success analysis. Mcanous Design is meticulous and careful, but also a little daring – when it’s appropriate to be.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

I listen.

There are no egos or big agency politics at Mcanous Design – just a dedicated marketing professional, working hard to be a part of your success story. I understand that each client is unique and each campaign has its own sets of goals and challenges. I also know that our clients have expertise in their industry that is invaluable to us, and I make sure to build and promote a successful business relationship where our clients feel that their needs and goals are being met at all times.

Mcanous Design is great at communication.

I will constantly reach out to our clients throughout the progress of the campaign and promote an open and honest channel of communication at all times. I will take full ownership of my work and actions, and I appreciate constructive feedback – it helps us solidify our relationship with my clients and produce better work.

Mcanous Design offers outstanding customer service.

Mcanous Design has held one or more positions in the past where they have interacted directly with the public. I understand that there are many other marketing agencies to choose from in Michigan and throughout the U.S., but not all operate in the same manner. Mcanous Design is small and nimble and wish to be known by our marketing expertise coupled with our remarkable customer service. William Danielson the CEO is cross-trained in all facets of services Mcanous Design offers and have a ‘can do’ attitude towards all projects and the challenges I am presented with.

Our Awesome Team

William Danielson

William Danielson

Founder & CEO

William Danielson has 9 years marketing and web experience.  I take passion building your digital profile and getting the results that you deserve in your business.  

Our Values

At Mcanous Design we take pride on giving you the best marketing experience. From concept to end product, at Mcanous Design we will help you along the way.  


I  love what I do. It’s never work — it’s always fun and new challenges are met with enthusiasm.

love my business and our clients feel the love everyday.


Mcanous Design deliver what I promise and add unexpected value to our clients’ businesses.

I often demand more of Mcanous Design than our clients do.

Personalized Service

I ask a lot of questions to get to know your company so I can anticipate and satisfy your needs.

You’ll likely feel like you’re our only client.

What We Do Best


Review Management

Social Media


Web Development


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