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Icons are one of the most characteristic elements in many designs; they’re also one of the most readily available resources to be found online, with free icon packs all over the web. Free icons give designers and developers the tools for creating visually appealing demos, user interfaces, apps, and everything in between.

Enter the team behind Iconshock, an eye-catching website that recently unveiled a new platform, with an equally eye-catching collection of resources, and the bold ambition to deliver the largest, most comprehensive icon sets library anywhere on the web.

What to Expect

Free icons, premium icons, way too many icons…

Iconshock is the story of an idea that began almost 10 years ago, with the intention of creating a massive icons library for use as an inspiration resource and creative elements repository. Adding 100 new icons every week, Iconshock’s focus on attention to detail, allows them to achieve pixel-perfect quality for several different display sizes.

Today, Iconshock’s collection of over 2 million icons in several categories and subcategories, is testament to their devotion to creative work and their coordinated team effort.

Easy to Use Platform

With an icon library of over 2 million you’d probably expect a nasty, cluttered, impossible-to-find-anything website. Well, you’re in for a treat as their latest platform is clean, minimal, and welcoming. Designed in a soft-color, single-page layout, with engaging visual cues, finding fresh icons is an enjoyable, even rewarding, experience.

We tried to make something different and exciting, implementing some new features we’ve wanted to explore for a long time that we hope will enhance our user’s experience by providing a visually engaging environment

Quality over Quantity, Why Not Take Both?

It’s super-easy to get started with Iconshock, as soon as you land on the site previews of designs are displayed through their homepage’s icon customization options—clever little utilities blended with the site’s visual layout—where you can tweak several aspects of the icons on-the-fly, using sliders, including sizing from 16px up to 256px, changing colors, and the available icon styles.

Once you click through to the icons gallery the editing options are expanded, and you can change colors, size, and style, then download free of charge, in PNG format.

Icon Styles

All of Iconshock’s icon sets and individual pieces are designed with the utmost care, and special effort is made to keep all of their 30+ design styles all inclusive for their industries, each industry having a variation in every style for 400+ unique icon sets.


Flat Icons

This is a large series of industry-specific icon sets, styled after the most dominant design trend of the last 10 years. Iconshock also has a variation of this style that merges flat design with 3D perspective icons to achieve a unique visual effect they’ve dubbed Isometric Icons.

iPhone Icons

Solid monochrome icons based on the original iOS 6 tab assets, which are great for user interface design at a variety of sizes.

Material Icons

Styled after Google’s Material Design specification, here you’ll find a vast wealth of metaphors for all kinds of projects, as well as Iconshock’s Material Black Icons; these sets work beautifully together.

Line Icons

Classic, simple, functional. Line icons are still going strong, and you’ll find several different styles like Color Line, and iOS Filled, as well as many many industry-specific sets.

Glyph Icons

Minimal line icons, simple, outlined and geometric. The icons in this category were built with a non-standard size of 38px for better web and app display. Glyph icons also have a twin style called Glyph Color Icons, which combine perfectly.

Icon Sets

All of these styles are available across several different industries and professional fields, and the great majority of them include their source vector files, so you can edit them if you need to.

You’d think that you’d get lost with so many options, but Iconshock’s new platform lets you view everything included in the set and you can choose to download single icons, multiple icons, or entire sets.

Iconshock’s files include sets like:

Accounting Icons

Sets based around accounts, from very simple concepts, to advanced professional symbols. This includes currency symbols, payment icons, transactions, company and product metaphors.

Networking Icons

Several sets in different styles with plenty of icons for networks and connectivity topics. User profiles, hardware, node equipment, servers, security concepts, and much more.

Web and Graphic Design Icons

Graphic and Web Design concepts from essential to advanced metaphors. Plus a wealth of web-specific elements like 404 pages, testimonials, and SEO.

Transportation Icons

A large selection of transportation metaphors are expressed in colorful icons, in several styles, and with all sorts of elements from cars to ships, airplanes to traffic signs, and even UFOs!

Computer Gadgets Icons

Packed with innovative objects related to computers and smart technology, you’ll find gadgets like MP3 players, VR glasses, multifunctional printers, wireless headphones and keyboards, GPS navigation, and bluetooth devices.

Icon Fonts

With the amount of pros and next to no cons that icon fonts have, Iconshock have also recently added a great feature that allows you to create fonts from several of their monochromatic styles, with all the advantages this implies: Easily edit, scale and insert these fonts made from icons in your projects and save tons of time and space. You can keep the whole set of icons in a single, lightweight file.

As of now, their Icon Fonts section features 6 of their best monochromatic icon styles, including iOS Line, Glyph, Material Black, iPhone, iOS Filled, and Windows 10, with tons of styles to come in future updates.

Beyond the Icons Library

Iconshock’s experienced and skilled creatives can also deliver exclusive designs by request; as well as provide assistance with a wide range of digital services, guiding you through the whole process from scratch.

Services include:

Icon Creation

Individual icons or whole sets can be created in any style, shape, or form you can imagine, and Iconshock offer support until you judge the job to be complete.

Web and Graphic Design

Iconshock have plenty of experienced designers to work with to create your site’s layout, and user experience. With custom styles tailor made to your industry or niche.

Digital Marketing

Support in reaching your desired audience, and achieving optimal product placements.

Branding and SEO

Brand recognition and identity services from experienced digital marketers, so that the image you project says exactly what you want it to say.


By now, you’re probably wondering what’s the catch…

This colossal wealth of icons is available free of charge, but with a few restrictions; you’ll be able to download any of the icons or packs for personal use, which is pretty darn cool.

If you need full, unrestricted access to the library, together with the source files for the majority of the icons, and a commercial license, then there are two great vale subscriptions. You can opt for either Yearly, or Lifetime Access, and considering the speed at which this repository is growing it’s really a no-brainer.

Final Thoughts

Iconshock is in a category of its own when it comes to the sheer size of the icon library and the inspired, characteristic way in which their creatives model their designs.

The best way for you to decide if their product fits your project is to judge with your own eyes, so head over to Iconshock today!


[– This is a sponsored post on behalf of Iconshock –]

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