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There has always been an innate fear of artificial intelligence in the creative communities, not least in web design. First developers, and more recently designers, feared they were about to be replaced. From Frankenstein to Hal 9000, artificial intelligence forms the backbone of numerous fables about the danger of technology.

However, the reality is quite different. According to a research paper published by Harvard University, which compared the 270 occupations listed in the US government’s 1950 census with the present day, only 1 occupation has ever been replaced by automation: elevator operator.

only 1 occupation has ever been replaced by automation

The truth is that AI, machine learning, automation, and design convergence are aids to the creative professions, not competition.

Take Bookmark’s latest innovation: an artificial intelligence for their online site builder. To use it, you enter your business name, and the sector you operate in, and the technology automatically selects the style of site that suits you. But that’s not the end of the story, because the generated design is just the starting point. You’re now free to customize your site according to your own taste. Bookmark’s artificial intelligence is a design tool, to be used as you see fit.

Bookmark aren’t the first to the market with this type of technology, but like most successful pioneers, they’ve learned from the mistakes of their predecessors. Unlike systems that hope to replace the designer, Bookmark empowers non-technical users and professionals alike, making you the designer.

Bookmark empowers non-technical users and professionals alike

This emphasis on design tool, rather than design crutch, is personified (literally) by AIDA, Bookmark’s Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant. AIDA learns your business’ unique requirements and generates your site from millions of potential combinations. And the result? A carefully tailored beautiful website that fits your unique business and industry needs. In less than two minutes you can have a fully functional e-commerce site, as good as anything you can install in your friendly neighborhood CMS.

Of course Bookmark’s AIDA can’t replace the high-end, bespoke design that forms some of the most original sites on the web, but it doesn’t try to. There will always be room for high-end, bespoke tailoring, but for most people, most of the time, a simple off-the-peg denim and t-shirt combination is fine; so it is with Bookmark, for most sites this is everything you need.

Quite apart from the design possibilities that AIDA offers, anyone who uses the web should be celebrating this revolution for one simple reason: AIDA bases all of its design choices on your content. That’s right! We’re heading back to a web where content (not marketing) is king, and sites with the best content rise to the top. Bookmark’s AI website builder adjusts the design of your site based on your focus. And because your business’ focus is unique, so will be the site AIDA designs for you.

Bookmark can create anything from a high converting e-commerce store, to a viral résumé. All of the designs are fully responsive, and based on your unique content. If you’re looking for an AI design process that puts you in control, the Bookmark website builder could be the option for you.


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