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Every month there are plenty of new tools and services introduced but also new WordPress themes, that promise lots of things. Why is that? Because the Web is growing and is getting more and more complex, but also because our time is very limited and we need solutions.

So, we need to choose the perfect tools, services, themes and everything that can help us in our projects. This set of trendy tools will lift the weight from your shoulders and will introduce you to the perfect ones to use.

Hand-Picked Premium Resources

Ultimatum Theme

Ultimatum gives you the chance to drag and drop native WordPress widgets. It has a special layout builder where you can add any plugin in the desired position. In addition, the layout editor saves you the chaotic number of sidebars in widgets screen. Regarding the layout making, its best feature is a list of plenty of available design elements. Their names are very easy and clear and they include custom loops, social icons, sidebars, menus, logos, images, included pages, recent post lists, and even slideshows. Also, when designing a layout, you have the possibility of using multiple pages.

Ultimatum Theme

Furthermore, Ultimatum has various features, including: Front End CSS Editor, with changes displayed immediately, Image Slider Integration, so that you are free to use which sliders you wish in order to display slideshows on your site, Navigation Menus, providing you with seven different menus and, at last but not least, it is Mobile Friendly, meaning that it lets you create your own web apps for your site, in an easy way.


I am sure that all of you web developers and web designers want to make sure that your website works correctly in all the browsers but you can