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There’s something about the world’s greatest cities that makes them instantly recognizable. Whether it’s a red double-decker bus or a yellow taxi cab, whether it’s an iconic opera house or a unique pastry; a simple glimpse and you know exactly where you are.

Citysets is a personal project by Bryn Taylor that tries to capture that essence by producing a unique set of icons tailored to each city experience.

The first four cities to be represented are London, New York, Paris, and Sydney. There are 79 icons in total, divided over the four cities. Some of our favorites include: From London, the Underground sign, St. Pauls, and a phone box; from New York, the pizza slice, the pretzel, and the Chrysler building; from Paris, the croissant, the chef’s hat, and the Eiffel tower; from Sydney, the cork hat, the shrimp, and the koala.

We can’t wait to see what Taylor comes up with next! Sure, these four are great cities, but what about New Orleans? Barcelona? Amsterdam? Tokyo? The possibilities are endless for this exciting project…

Each city’s icon set comes in .ai, .sketch, and .svg format. And they’re free for personal and commercial use. Download them all beneath the preview:

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