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In order to answer this pertinent question, you need to consider the basis of existence of websites. The main goal is to cater for the needs of all those who visit your given site. Users could be in search of some insight on a given subject, selling and buying of various items while others may be in need of entertainment.

For this reason it will be useful to define the purpose of your website. All in all, your aim should be to provide your website users with a better and incomparable user experience. You could achieve this by considering various aspects and the web design will have a profound impact on your site’s user experience.

Addressing the quality of your user experience will give your site a desirable digital rating in comparison to other websites offering the same kind of information. Efforts should thus be channeled in adopting a web design that will have features and functionalities that enrich the user experience.

This could be in terms of how easily they navigate, browse and search for various items in your domain with little if any challenges. Here are few principles that will aid you in achieving this:

Having a Unique Value Proposition

Currently, the cloud has a deluge of websites and setting yourself apart will have a huge impact on the users you attract. The value proposition implies a statement that vividly describes how your service or product best meets your users’ needs.

During the adoption of a given web design it will be good for you to consider the location of this. Seasoned experts recommend that you position this above the fold on the left side, see to it that things are not crowded at that end.

Another key consideration is the use of visual illustrations to simplify and engage the user in a better way. Studies have shown that the human brain is better at processing visual information in comparison to plain text but make sure the visual aids are in line with your users’ needs.

To crown it all, having unique content will help to distinguish you from other websites offering the same services or products. Craft content that is exceptional and in line with your main goals or vision.

Incorporate some White Space

It is best for you to avoid having a website that’s cluttered as this negatively impacts on the extraction of information. Studies have confirmed that incorporating some white space boost the comprehension of texts. It will be worth it to consider this in your web design.

Some notable figures namely, Herbert Lui of Wonder Shuttle have described the white space as key aspect in lead generation. This will go a long way in improving how easy it is to navigate on a given site.

Get your Call to Action right

Buttons meant for the call to action option should not be merely attractive but in line with the whole design of your website. It is not a must for you to place these buttons above the fold as this might be mistaken for an overly aggressive marketing strategy. The recommendation is for you to include them in the middle or bottom in your web design. The wording is also a factor and the use of words such as try and at best first-person phrases could enrich your user experience.

See to it that users get what they need after clicking the call to action button, a wrong response might make your users to leave the site without second thoughts.

Avoid having broken links

Broken links will be a great undoing to your website, it is the greatest disappointment a user could stomach. A link that doesn’t provide what a user expects discourages them from ever visiting your site and you irreparably lose their trust.
You could deal with broken links in the following ways to avoid these embarrassing situations.

First, you can create a 404 error page as this will help you keep the visitors and even refer them to more useful links related to their search. Alternatively, you can implement 301 redirects which inform the users that a certain web page is unavailable while at the same time redirecting them to a correct or more appropriate web page.

Make sure your pages don’t load slowly

The impression users have about your brand will be hinged on how fast your web pages load. It is easier for a user to press the back button in the event that a web pages takes longer than usual to load. You can attribute this to the relatively short attention spans of most users and the abundance of more responsive sites on the cloud.

In your web designs, avoid images files that are too big, the inclusion of embedded media from other sources as well as codes that are too bulky to beat this off.

The above measures will help you to achieve a better user experience on your website. By putting into consideration the principles outlined in the article you will end up with a web design that is more responsive to your clients’ needs.

Hope this article has been helpful!