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A consistent trait among digital products that have withstood the test of time is adaptation. Adapting to new technologies. Adapting to new devices. And adapting to users (essentially user experience research and analysis).

Youthletic began as a repository of youth organization data, targeting both parents and organizations. For parents, the site was intended to be a one-stop-shop to search and register their children for youth organizations. For organizations, the site was supposed to be an easy place for coaches and group leaders to gather registrations, payments and information about the children (ie. allergies). Initially as an afterthought, the site added a collection of articles pertaining to youth sports and relevant topics.

With the initial plan came several challenges:

  1. The project depended on youth sport organization commitment and this proved to be more difficult than planned. Most youth sport organizations are run by non-profits and volunteers so communication and developing relationships is challenging.
  2. Organization data is fragmented?