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Usually, when we speak about websites with an old-time feeling, we think about designs with retro, vintage, Art Deco and even a disco atmosphere. The last decade of the twentieth century (aka the 90s) always remains overlooked, though it has already taken a place in our history. It is overfilled with unique and distinctive features such as neon coloring, juicy palettes, grunge vibes, techno flavor, huge graphics, vibrant patterns, radical gradients, unstable layouts, right-aligned pages, Helvetica, Frutiger and much more. It is an important and significant milestone in website design evolution.

At that date, the web was imperfect; and creating lightweight and fast websites populated with images or videos, to say nothing about interactivity or motion, were almost beyond possible. However, nowadays we can afford to develop websites with aesthetics taken from the 90s that will be responsive and interactive, and have a flyweight. Today we have gathered ten such examples. Let’s indulge in nostalgia together with these original projects.

1990s Inspired Web Design

Cameron’s World