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As any owner of a website whose task is to sell goods to people, I’m always in search of tools that will make my e-store a better place for both constant and casual users.

And it is not only a matter of withstanding the tough competition that I suppose everyone in the World of e-commerce is facing these days; it is a matter of making my online audience happier and satisfied by providing them with a place where they not only are able to please themselves by buying some amazing products but also relax and enjoy their pastime while surfing through all sorts of goods that are in stock.

In today’s reality, everything comes down to taking user experience far and beyond and making it more personal and less artificial. It is a rule of thumb: happy clients always buy more than those that are disappointed: the latter as a rule try to get away from this local “agora” as soon as possible and stay out of it no matter what.

Customers First

As the saying goes, make your customers happy and they will certainly return and bring you their friends and colleagues. Sounds like an easy task to do; though as is always a case, it is not. When it comes to faceless Internet, the main problem always lies in the absence of the real interaction with your potential customers.

In the store you can easily predict the next move of the customer: you can compensate some oversights or inadvertencies with your broad smile and a bonus card; push the client by offering him/her a cup of coffee and a “family” discount or just provide them with great personal service that will always win the people.

Make Your Customers Super Happy with UserEngage

On the Internet you are deprived of this exclusive and absolutely vital privilege of observing your users and instantly reacting to his/her behavior. Or not?

For a long time, it was quite like that. We almost blindly sell goods relying only on the quality of our products, eye-pleasing interface and such perks as quick or free shipping.

Today the situation has changed dramatically. Under any bright customer’s smile lies in-depth and systematic analysis of the situation and marketing tricks played on time.

A Magical Tool for Customers Engagement

We have finally got tools for tracking and monitoring our audience in the virtual world. As I have earlier said I’m always in pursuit of some useful and beneficial tools, and today I want to share with you one of my precious findings – that is “UserEngage”.

The team behind this spectacular online service definitely knows its stuff. With such a keen and bold slogan, which indicates that happy customers are a top priority here, they are certainly on the route of achieving great results without all the hustle and bustle that is inherent to complex and intricate platforms. Without much talking and delays, they get straight to the point, hitting the bullseye.

Make Your Customers Super Happy with UserEngage

The platform embraces only the vital aspects of the successful marketing automation offering an elegant way of conducting different campaigns, collecting data, or even chatting with the targeted audience. It is an ideal partner if you are an owner of WordPress+Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, Drupal e-commerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart and other popular and not-so-popular frameworks.

If CMS is not your case, then it can be easily integrated into any website by means of a ready-made script: there is a comprehensive step-by-step guide that enables you to do it yourself.

Another great thing is that it also works with other team collaboration tools. For example, you do not need to abandon Slack or FullContact, UserEngage is quite friendly with both of them. Also, if you use Mailchimp for organizing and managing your email lists as I do, you can quickly import data from your account and get a huge head start.

First things first. As a small retailer, I need tools for better understanding my visitors. I require such crucial information as what products do my users view, what pages do they revisit and what actions do they take, etc. These factors lie at the heart of my strategy.

UserEngage gives me a handy interface to analyze these determinants, gathering everything under the same roof. Being based on a drag-and-drop technique my workplace looks like a simple playground where I just add or delete modules like triggers, conditions, and actions that are designed to generate leads, onboard customers or automate engagement processes.

You can create Facebook campaigns for your followers; send SMS after registration, etc. just “with a wave of the hand”.

Another key point of my strategy is getting the most out of email marketing. With UserEngage creating personalized campaigns is easy peasy. Its module recognizes all the clients and allows me to work with my subscription list that was carefully built with the help of MailChimp.

So I do not waste my time in moving everyone to one place and logging users to chat. I just get straight down to business, using everything I already have and saving my time and resources.

As for other functionality, one of the benefits is a way of building and adding dynamic forms. There is a whole slew of predefined forms that can be quickly edited, customized and adjusted to targeted users.

Make Your Customers Super Happy with UserEngage

You can manipulate with different fields and even set the language for a specific group of users. Show forms only to those who need them: for example, display a welcoming modal window to newcomers or demonstrate a modal window with a special discount for returning visitors.

This tiny yet powerful option enhances the user experience of your e-shop by saving visitors from unnecessary and irrelevant pop-ups and preventing the interface from feeling cluttered.

Last but not least, the thing that plays a fundamental role in achieving success is of course – analysis. My campaign and strategy can be outstanding, well-thought-out and polished; nevertheless, it should be scrupulously observed and examined in order to identify the gaps that may occur.

The sky is the limit; and analytics tools provided by UserEngage assist me in shooting for the stars. With an advanced filtering and all my clients at hand, I quickly target users based on their behavior. Browsing through each profile I have an opportunity to gather data on every person: familiarizing myself with his or her page views, events, location, social media accounts and more.

All these allow me to improve my strategy and, as a result, achieve the required level of the individual approach that helps to transform my retail website into a comfortable and enjoyable place as well as make my clients happier.


As an owner of a small e-shop, my strategy may look not as impressive and overwhelming as others – it just bets on a constant analysis of my clients, improvement of the personal user experience and making my customers happy, but it works for me.

Together with an ecommerce platform that does all the heavy lifting concerning the display of products, processing orders, taking payments, etc, UserEngage is a solid rock to build my shop online and move forward on my path to success.

I have used UserEngage on one of our eCommerce sites and am writing this from personal user experience. Feel free to share with me your thoughts if you are using UserEngage too or if not why not, give it a free trial now!