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It seems that we have left huge drop-down menus behind, opting for little mobile-friendly hamburger buttons that skillfully hide a great panel with links, sticky streamlined navigation bars or just elegant slide-out sidebars; however, there are still projects that simply can’t function without large menus.

Classic and time-tested drop-downs that were once popular nowadays look massive, heavy and unstylish. Nevertheless, they still own a great potential, being able to easily dish up assorted information without sacrificing precious space. What they need is just some enhancements in terms of design and a slight upgrade to satisfy the needs of small and large screens.

We have found 20 fresh examples of improved extensive feature-rich navigation menus. They suggest that drop-downs are getting better: becoming faster, more lightweight and even richer with icons, and multimedia. Not only do they serve as a getaway for inner structure but also overwhelm online readers with ads, promo shots, social media and even a product box with a hot ‘buy’ button.

Large Drop-Down Menus

Adidas Football

The brand is famous for websites with huge and all-embracing drop-down menus that skillfully balance copy and images. Monochrome color palette, a considerable amount of white space and well-organized list create a pleasant experience.

Adidas Football

Boutique Olympique Lyon

The website leverages accompanying icons that carefully visualize each menu item. They are used both at the top level and in drop-down sections. These nifty line style glyphs go well with the main theme and make the navigation more intuitive and visually appealing.

Boutique Olimpique Lyon


Treblecone utilizes blocks that take up only the required amount of space. In such a way the