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Promotion is an inseparable part of business. Let us imagine a situation when you do not promote your company. No one knows about the services or products your offer. What will you earn? – 0. Efficiency of your promotion campaign directly determines your income rates. That is why it is so important to pay special attention to the promotion campaign of your company.

There are a number of ways to promote your campaign. However, it is better to combine high efficiency of advertising materials with reasonable prices. TV advertisements can be extremely expensive, especially if your company is not a big one or you just started your business.

Radio advertising is less expensive than a TV ad, but it may not reach your target audience, and some people cannot get the message you want to deliver. Flyers combine reasonable prices with high efficiency. You determine the distribution area as well, which will help you to reach your target audience. Do you offer something for mothers and their kids – distribute your flyers near shops with goods for kids.

Promotion campaigns influence your future success that is why you need to consider every factor even the ones that seems to be unimportant.

Flyer designing is not all just about design. Designing something that has to be printed in future, you need to consider the technical side of the project. Luckily, many flyer design companies offer design services, which means you can find a flyer and order customization in one place and get a good discount as well.

If design is not a problem for you, but you still do not have much time to create a flyer from scratch, then you should consider downloading a free flyer template. Luckily, some flyer design companies offer free templates that you can download, customize (the files are in the Photoshop native format) and use. The customization process is quite easy if you are a Photoshop user.

Free Flyer Designs

One of the websites that offer free business flyers is styleflyers.com

Car Wash Flyers

Car Wash Template 1

Car Wash Template 2

Car Wash Template 3

These flyers have elements we associate with car washing, like a car itself and foam. You can see that a flyer template has enough space to put the necessary text – telling people about the service.

Real Estate Flyers

Real Estate Template 1

Real Estate Template 2

Real Estate Template 3

The flyers have different styles, but again, they include the elements we associate with the real estate business – houses. You will understand what the flyer promotes without reading the text.

Food Flyers

Food Template 1

Food Template 2

Impressive design will make the flyer stand out and attract people.

Advertisement Services

Advertisement Services Template 1

Advertisement Services Template 2

The flyers are perfect for companies that deal with advertising services.


Flyers should not be underestimated as a promotion tool. A good flyer will help you reach your target audience and make your company successful.

Do you use flyers to promote your business? Have you ever used a template or do you design them from scratch?