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What an incredible year 2016 was! A ton of outstanding, stylish and inspiring websites was introduced to the online audience. There were the energetic and classy ones that blindly followed the web design trends; the mind-blowing and zingy ones that successfully adopted pioneering techniques; and just well-groomed and vigilantly-made ones that preferred to stay away from all the hustle and stick to the time-proven but still beneficial methods.

The Web became a more engaging, intriguing and thought-provoking place than a year before; and we proud that we contributed our share to it.

An Overview of Simbla in 2016

Here in Simbla, we helped the regular people, professional agencies, and creative individuals to give birth to a thousand of amazing websites with the safe yet flexible structures, beautiful designs, and enjoyable user experiences.

Being a new kid on the block, we were the eager beavers who were trying to do our best in order to make our customers happy. We were determined to prove everyone that Simbla was not just an ordinary drag-and-drop website composer that you could meet on the expanses of the Internet each day.

It was an advanced, feature-rich, sterling website builder that was not just fixed on offering a problem-solving toolkit for creating web apps of various kinds but also listened and reacted on customers’ needs, therefore allowing them to achieve the greatest result without much effort.

We planned to make client’s interaction with our platform as easy as a piece of pie. Bearing in mind the functionality and user experience, we introduced numerous improvements to our product during 2016.

Simbla Website Builder: A Great 2016 Year and More to Expect in 2017

Important landmarks

The last year started with the launch of the “website wizard”. It was a really important step since we did an attempt to bridge the gap between the system and those who were non-tech-savvy. This endeavor was pretty successful.

This plain and intuitive dialog tool led a person through the whole routine letting him/her obtain the desired result as soon as possible. All that required from the customer was to choose the suitable option and follow the precise and explicit instructions further. No coding skills required.

Then, we enriched our platform with a dozen of engaging features given attention to those who still felt the hunger for enhancing their website’s upfront with some tiny effects and touches.

Along with our substantial, constantly-updated “flavorful” collection of responsive website templates that were ready to be put into action, the users got an opportunity to employ such things as a parallax scrolling, video-based backgrounds, dynamic effects, smooth transitions and some others.

Simbla Website Builder: A Great 2016 Year and More to Expect in 2017

In consequence, from then on not only were our themes mainly responsible for the outward of a website and an entertaining part but also these tiny details that, to be honest, greatly contributed to the user experience.

Last but not least. In the mid of 2016 we rolled out one of the most significant and sought-after features – an online database system. This helped to take our product to absolutely new level.

Creating dynamic database specifically for your website, where you could keep, update and delete the content, was and still is one of the biggest advantages of our website builder. It was a pretty rare option that only a few players in our industry could boast of having.

What’s more, we did not stop at this. We moved forward and later we added several simple ways (which implied utilization of basic widgets) that let the customers painlessly interact with the database, perform different actions between a database and a website and more.

Simbla Website Builder: A Great 2016 Year and More to Expect in 2017

Looking forward to 2017

Our path of improvements started in early 2016, and is still going on. We do not plan to turn aside. We are eager and impatient to pursue our goals. Our system is expected to receive more enhancements in 2017. In witness of that, we will lift the veil of the upcoming events, giving away some intriguing hints and even spoilers.

At first, we intend to provide the users with an environment where they will be able to integrate various web applications. These web applications won’t be static anymore: they will be dynamic and evolving. With the help of so-called “app widgets” our clients will get an opportunity to just drop down the desired functionality into any existed web page or app screen.

Administrator’s abilities and privileges will also undergo several changes. As a manager of your own project, we are going to put you into the driver’s seat. With a full access to the control panel, you will be capable of performing different manipulations with the information: adding, viewing and deleting it without any restrictions. Everything will be intuitive, simple and even a bit playful.

After that, we are determined to advance the whole system. Our aim is to upgrade our platform with dynamic features as well as enhance customer’s workplace, transforming it into a child’s play yet with an enormous potential.

As a result, at the height of the year, you, as a platform’s user, will hold the reins of everything that will be happening across all your projects. You will control the application’s appearance, behavior, and work, covering all the level of hierarchy: it means that you will be in charge of user’s as well as admin’s interface.

Also, with the database at your fingertips, you will handle all the operations made with a vigilantly organized cloud-based storage.

Simbla Website Builder: A Great 2016 Year and More to Expect in 2017

Let’s Build More Website Together

While our intentions and plans may sound a bit ambitious and far-reaching, yet we have a capacity to bring them to life. 2016 showed everyone that even despite the tough competition we exploited our potential, moved forward and separated ourselves from the others.

Although we have already adopted useful innovations thereby achieving quite spectacular results, we continue to evolve and do not intend to rest on our accomplishments.

There are so many exciting things ahead, and we invite you to be a part of it.

Check out Simbla Website Builder and see how it can assist you in building your own beautiful website.