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When you’re running a web design agency or digital media company, whether you’re a freelancer, a marketer, working for big businesses or nonprofit organizations, finding the perfect theme is imperative to running your business efficiently.

If you consider how you can maximize productivity, revenues and capability, it actually makes sense to limit the amount of themes you use. Why? Long story short, an intuitive theme that consistently stays on par with industry standards and provides a comprehensive collection of features is going to save you and your clients a lot of time and money.

One Theme To End All Themes

Having been a startup not so long ago, we wanted to create a WordPress theme that would give design agencies and freelancers the flexibility to create stunning, unique websites for all of their clients. The thing is, most of these agencies have clients from sectors across the board. It’s rare to find an agency that only caters to one type of industry, so we knew that we needed to build the perfect solution for designers looking for one theme that could be ‘everything’. Thus began our obsessive endeavour to keep creating new templates and features that would provide a wide scope of customizability.

After our initial production phase, we wanted to find out exactly how Jupiter measured up in helping web design agencies increase their productivity, revenues and capability. So we went straight to the source. We conducted a series of interviews with web design and digital marketing agencies across the United States to get a pulse check on how well Jupiter was fulfilling their requirements. They all gave us invaluable insights into how using one WP theme has helped them to help their clients.

After the first round of interviews was finished, we sifted through pages and pages of their transcripts and found three common points made by all of Jupiter users regarding their experience using Jupiter:

Improved productivity means more time with current and prospective clients!

When you use different themes for different clients, just keeping up with the updates is time consuming. One interview was with New Yorker Micah Blumenthal, founder of CIX Design Agency, which works extensively with nonprofit organizations. During our discussion he was quick to mention how Jupiter helped to cut down on the time spent creating websites.

The WP Theme that’s winning over US Web Design Agencies

“I stumbled upon Jupiter a few years ago and as time went on I found myself almost exclusively working with Jupiter. Why? Well what I found in Jupiter was not only versatility, but early on I also found that you guys have the support! Maybe the biggest thing is that because I’m able to use Jupiter exclusively I don’t have to go to each site and learn the tricks and updates for each theme. I’ve boiled it down to one theme here the lay of the land is familiar to me. I reduced my own learning curve, which is a benefit to my clients and no small thing in the long-run. Everything updates the same behind the curtain which gives me more time to design and produce.”

The WP Theme that’s winning over US Web Design Agencies

Tom Weinkle, founder of Florida- based Florida- based Vortex Communications highlighted how using one theme allowed him to spend more time with his clients highlighting the ever-increase template base Jupiter offers:

“One aspect of all the templates Jupiter has is that it saves time figuring things out so instead of spending your creative energy doing programming, coding or playing with CSS, you can spend time with your client deciding how you want to present information to their audience. The other thing about themes is that building bootstrap and custom websites can add another 30% time and cost. Jupiter allows you and your client to hit the ground running.”

An SEO-friendly Theme is going to give me and my clients better results!

Web design agencies need to be able to provide a site that is fully optimized for search engines. As you already know, getting your website to rank well on Google is incredibly important in ensuring that you’re reaching as many potential visitors as possible.

Since Google has a comprehensive set of rules to follow, every web designer and marketer knows how important it is to have an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly theme. Having this will allow you to construct a website that contains all of the elements that can fulfill SEO criteria.

The WP Theme that’s winning over US Web Design Agencies

Adam Binder, SEO guru and founder of New Jersey-based digital marketing agency, Creative Click Media, explained exactly how Jupiter helped his clients to improve their rankings by cutting page load speeds.

“Page load times are really important for SEO as Google continues to make the web, really, a great place. Google wants to make it easy for people on any device to access a website and they’ve gone through great lengths to make sure that websites that load fast are rewarded and that those which are running slowly are being penalized. Now the Jupiter Theme is fantastic out the box as far as speed. With the upgrade to Version 5 it got even better.”

Adam also emphasized what a benefit it was that Jupiter can embed YouTube videos, highlighting that YouTube is owned by Google and is the second largest search engine. Thus by offering the ability to embed these videos, Jupiter has helped to make his clients’ websites more visible.

The WP Theme that’s winning over US Web Design Agencies

He even shared the results of his client’s successes with us:

“We’ve seen a lot of success with clients from all different industries… getting those results for lots of our clients who have used the Jupiter theme so it’s been a really great boost to our business!”

“Our website has been one of the major successes; in just the year since we switched to the Jupiter Theme, our SEO has skyrocketed. Part of that is definitely due to the help we’ve gotten from the Theme—and it just looks great and I think people like it a lot!”

The WP Theme that’s winning over US Web Design Agencies

Curtis Hays, founder of Michigan-based Curtis Hays Consulting had this to add:

“Especially with the most recent update, speed has been a huge factor and I’ve seen across the board that most sites have dropped their load times—literally cut in half. That’s going to help improve rankings because speed is now a big factor in rankings. It’s going to keep the user on site, lower bounce rates—all of that data leads to conversions which is obviously the main goal.”

Do more for your clients in less time!

Curtis Hays was impressed with how quickly he could have a website up and running, allowing him to focus on other things:

“With a premium theme like Jupiter, we can get you up and running in under two months and that allows us to take advantage of a lot of opportunities!”

The Artbees Care service we offer with Jupiter also seemed to have an effect on improving capability for our users.

José Rosado, freelance web designer explains:

“A big time saver is Artbees Care services—any time I’ve had multiple client requests, I’ve been able to save a lot of time by giving certain parts of each project to the Artbees Care specialists—it’s like having my own personal backup team. I can always count on this care as well as constant updates made to the theme which streamlines the time it takes me to make sure all my client’s sites are updated!”

The WP Theme that’s winning over US Web Design Agencies

Colorado natives Kristen & Trent Blizzard of BlizzardPress explained how their productivity and profitability was boosted using just one theme:

“For us, Jupiter makes life more profitable. We are able to deliver modern sites with varied designs and high functionality for a reasonable cost to the client. We experience higher profitability thanks to the efficiency of using the same theme environment with versatile design tools. Even in a scenario where we know upfront we will be doing customizations to fit a complex client design – we use Jupiter.”

Micah Blumenthal also added that his capability has been increased with word of mouth:

“In the six years I’ve been doing this I’ve never had to go out and find work, I’ve been fortunate enough for work to find me and that’s primarily because people have seen the work that I do with the Jupiter and asked who did that which leads back to me.”

So far, so good. Now let’s see if we can do better.

While we feel gratified to know that Jupiter has been as asset to our users, we know there’s always room for improvement.

Marketing and web design industry standards are ever-changing at a fast pace and not only do we intend to stay on par with those trends, we will continue to expand the scope of functionality of our product and work to improve the user interface to make it as intuitive as possible. You ain’t seen nothing yet.