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Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a flipbook. Since we were children, we’ve probably seen a notebook with various pictures drawn on it at one time or another. When flipped through rapidly, the notebook presents a simulation of action or motion. Hence, the art of animation becomes real for those viewing the little notebook or pages with illustrations.

Often used as illustrations for small children, adults can also find themselves viewing a flipbook, except it’s now filled with photographs instead of drawings. Today, however, being that we live in a rapidly exploding digital age with no apparent end in sight, flipbook animation has shot to the next level.

While the concept is not a novelty, having originated back in the late 19th century, a gentleman by the name of Walt Disney incorporated more sophisticated flipbooks designed by a small army of “animators” at his garage studio during the late 1920s. His first star attraction? A little mouse that we are all familiar with. Consequently, today, every major animation studio uses flipbooks that are created initially through the digital PDF to flipbook conversion process.

Enter The Digital Age

Today, the latest development in this kind of animated storytelling comes in the form of Portable Document Format (PDF), a file that carries the visual ability to be used across various operating systems, apps and hardware. It can encapsulate a fixed document that contains text, fonts, graphics and other information for viewing on any digital platform.

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Using a PDF to flipbook file created in any one of several word processing software programs that have integrated PDF converters, such as Microsoft Word or the open source Open Office, it becomes all the simpler to then convert from a PDF to flipbook platform in a faster, more graphically perfect mode.

A New PDF To Flipbook Industry Emerges

Using special software programs or apps created for PDF to flipbook conversions, people can today download converted PDF to flipbook files or upload to various web sites their PDF files that need conversion. Depending on the process being used by the web site, a PDF to flipbook creation then emerges.

Trending: PDF To Online FlipBook Conversions

At the click of the mouse, users can easily select a button on the conversion web site that uploads their newly created PDF file. Within a few moments, the specially programmed flipbook software converts the PDF just uploaded into a digital flipbook that can in turn be uploaded to the user’s own website or blog.

Manually creating a PDF to flipbook can take up to one year of full-time design and development depending on the contents and design. Moreover, it can take up to three to four days in the actual conversion process of PDF to flipbook. However, with the proper software, the newly generated flipbook emerges with as many pages, colors, fonts, photos and graphics as are needed.

Applicable Uses

Not only is a flipbook the ideal special feature to put into any website, the website owner can then keep resell rights to his work. It’s a 100 percent “white label” entity that can also be downloaded as unbranded files after a buyer purchases it. White label, simply means that a person can purchase a product or service from another source, and give it the brand and identity that is desired. Faster, simpler and less expensive to produce, it is today a growing trend among many entrepreneurs.

As an online magazine, readers can actually have the experience and sensation of reading a real magazine with flipping pages turning at the click of a mouse or swipe gesture of a touch-screen. Using the digital media platform proliferated through eBooks and virtual magazines and the exploding market of tablets, e-readers and other handheld digital devices, readers can now turn digital pages over more quickly than a paper printed magazine. Resulting in larger profit margins being realized as the online magazine becomes available for sale, redistribution or subscription.

PDF Software Variations

Flash design techniques, embedded flash and video presentations and using the latest HTML 5 platforms, all make for a more engaging viewer experience on any digital device today being used: PC, laptop, smartphone and anything else that may be out on the market by the time you finish reading this article.

Social Media Engagement

Why, a user could even view their presentation on social media sites such as Facebook and other sites as well. From their setup Facebook fan page, visitors can engage in a more interactive method to find out about a product. As for flipbook owners, they can do the following:

  • Increase customer interaction
  • Reinforce the desired product branding
  • Reduce any interruptions by moving users to other sites
  • Fully link and enable a richer multimedia capability
  • Support the e-commerce enhancement of the product catalog
  • Create a viable archive of previous magazine editions
  • Duplicate almost the same exact look and feel of your online web site

The Age Of Mobility Beckons

Mobility is here to stay in the world of digital presentations. Whether it is for health information, retail shopping, sports events or just plain watching a movie, owners of the iPad, iPhone or Android tablets can feel comfortable with a simple swiping or touching of a display screen. In short, the PDF to flipbook conversion process has facilitated all of this coming into play.

e-Commerce Challenge For Web Site Owners

As many already know, not everyone is skilled in the field of information technology (IT) that is required in today’s Internet’s environment. Thankfully, e-commerce owners needn’t be concerned about doing this all by themselves.

Today’s skilled technicians in web site development, graphical interfaces and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are there to help you along the way right from their firm’s web site. In fact, they will do it all for you as you need it and when. You see, mobility app development is really not the same as a general design is for a web site; yet, it all begins with the creation of a PDF to flipbook conversion.

Ready For A PDF To Flipbook Trial Run?

You have nothing to lose as the Internet has myriad web sites that’ll give you the experience of trying this digital solution on a trial basis without any cost to you personally. They walk you step-by-step through the journey that begins with a PDF to flipbook conversion.

Trending: PDF To Online FlipBook Conversions

Other sites offer completely free services with only a desire to let you try PDF to flipbook conversions without the hassle and costs often associated with this particular technology.

If you always envisioned having your own digital magazine, or if you just want to share your brand with others, then this is a great delivery method for you. You’ll have instant access to all the flipbook users across this planet as they discover this unique digital experience for their viewing pleasure.

A PDF to Flipbook: Easily Coming Together

What was at one time a long, drawn out, complex and expensive process has today become a much simpler and pleasant experience for countless of e-commerce owners.

Today, PDF to flipbook conversions are simple, quick, affordable and will truly give your brand, service or product that proverbial touch of elegant class. And, it’s yours at little or no cost with today’s PDF to flipbook generated online presentations.