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New web tools and services are launched every month, it’s quite hard to know them all, especially because of the search engines and advertising.

Because of that, we’ve spent days after days in filtering a lot all of these web tools and services to identify only the most useful ones, that can bring benefits in our work and projects. Here is the showcase.

1. Codester.com

Having at our disposal marketplaces where we can buy and sell various web development products is a must in 2017. Time is really precious and these marketplaces are helping us by putting everything in the same place, under our nose. Another great benefit is that you can easily compare products from different authors and decide what fits better your project. At Codester, you will find PHP script, all types of beautifully designed themes, app templates, code snippets, plugins and much more.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

Codester is a complete solution, you have 2 ways of getting lots of money. First is to become an author and have your own store. There are 5 steps to follow and you will end by getting paid 70% commission via PayPal. There are 2 things that I love working with Codester, they don’t require a minimum number sales and they don’t require exclusivity for your items.

The second way is to become a Codester affiliate, where you will get 20% by referring new customers. Also here there is a big difference between them and others because their tracking cookie lasts 90 days. This means that you will receive a commission from all customers that sign up within 90 days after clicking on your links. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Start buying and selling with Codester.

2. IMCreator.com

To allow customers to find you online and to build credibility and your brand, you need a website. So which options do we have at this point? The best 3 are WordPress, hiring a team of graphics designers and coders and last but not least is to use a website builder. Now if we compare these options, we will find out quite fast that the most convenient one is a premium website builder.

Here come into play IM Creator, a unique and stunning solution on the market.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

Even web designers can use it for their clients. They have a unique technology named Polydoms, it’s like playing with Lego bricks. Using this technology, building responsive, fast and fun websites is piece of cake. You don’t need any HTML or CSS skills, you just click to add elements to your pages.

Using IM Creator there were created more than 11 million excellent websites. They put at your disposal a bunch of gorgeous themes to start with, but also graphic design elements that will help you customize your website to a whole new level. Try IM Creator and you will find an excellent free tool.

3. Xfive.co

Xfive is a way different web development company, as they transparent regarding everything. On their website you will find their history (more than 10 years’ experience, founded as XHTMLized and rebranded in January 2016 as Xfive), you will find their team (all their members can be found on the page dedicated to the members and you will see every employee picture and domain specialization) and they have built a complete page for FAQ, where you can find answers to all your questions but also regarding the exact process of working with them.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

Now, regarding the services they are offering, they can do pretty everything for you, starting with back-end and front-end development, WordPress, converting designs into working websites and much more. Always keep in mind when talking with Xfive that they easily adapt to your needs, they worked with small companies but also with names like Microsoft, eBay, and Twitter. Start a discussion with them.

4. PSD to WordPress by MYPSDTOHTML.com

Having a talented team of coding professionals is a condition for any designer, company or even individual. You can have your own team, it’s quite simple. There are many agencies on the market but some are really good in providing PSD to HTML services and the pricing can be really different.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

This is the case with My PSD to HTML, these guys will rock your business. They will transform your PSD, Sketch, AI or InDesign into HTML, responsive HTML, Email or even WordPress. The pricing starts from just $99 and they deliver the final product in 24 hours or even less. Contact them.

5. Themify.me

Themify Ultra is probably the most powerful WordPress theme available. It can fit any project, as it’s really flexible and it comes with 60+ Pre-designed layouts that can be installed with just one click.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

Something really cool is that your website can look exactly like the demos, not like it happens for other products.

6. Host-tracker.com

Host-Tracker is a really efficient service that will let you know via SMS, Email,Viber, Telegram or even Hangouts if your website is offline.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

It’s been used by more than 50,000 clients and it starts just $3.25/month. Your website needs such a solution, so your visitors will find a working website.

7. Argento

Most times is harder to making the setup for the online store than having the business day by day. If you are looking to start an e-commerce website, ArgentoTheme is a one-stop shop.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

You will find the best Magenta web store template that has everything included. Check all of its features on their website.

8. DesignBombs.com

DesignBombs worked many hours to make a new useful tutorial about how to start a WordPress blog.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

It’s the definitive guide that will help you step by step to create a new blog, from the first step to the final one. Check the article.

9. WpKube.com

WpKube has a page dedicated to awesome web deals, including themes, hosting solutions, plugins but also different services.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

Using their services, you will save a lot of money. These coupons have discounts from 10% to 60%. Keep an eye on their deals and take what you need.

10. Colorlib.com

At Colorlib, you will find awesome free and premium WordPress themes, that are flexible, easy to customize and can fit almost any business. These guys really want to help, so they are writing useful guides.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

This time they’ve written a great article about how to make a WordPress website – it’s a step-by-step guide for beginners, that is easy to follow. Read it.

11. wpDataTables.com

Do you know wpDataTables? It’s probably the best-selling WordPress plugin which makes your work with tables, charts and data management easy. 9000+ companies and individuals already trust it to work with financial, scientific, statistical, commercial and other data.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

It will transform your website into a spreadsheet app within minutes, without any coding skills needed.

12. SuperbWebsiteBuilders.com

SuperbWebsiteBuilders is a credible online resource, which offers trustworthy and useful info on the choice of popular website builders. Experts working for the service test and review the best website builders.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

Based on the results of the tests, they publish the comparisons of website builders and their ratings to help users make the right choice. There are also numerous niche articles available at the website.

13. FreelanceLogoDesign.com

Freelance Logo Design a great platform where freelancers will compete for your custom logo design.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

There are just 3 steps to follow: you write your design brief, you start receiving options from the graphics freelancers and after that, you select the winner. It’s just $29 to start.

14. DealFuel.com

DealFuel is among the most popular places for web developers and designers looking for themes, plugins, hosting solutions and many other awesome things.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

You can save a lot of money, as the discounts are big and you can find many useful things.

15. GreeDeals.com

Another great place for people looking to get awesome deals is GreeDeals. Here you will find many bundles and coupons from important brands, updated daily.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

They have also a page dedicated for freebies where you will find beautifully designed things like eBooks, PSD templates, and a free icons bundle.

16. CyberChimps.com

CyberChimps is a top WordPress themes store where you can find free and premium templates. Their themes are used by more than 11 million websites and are still counting.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

Their themes are fully responsive and easy to customize as themes come with a drag-and-drop option. Check out CyberChimps’ store today.

17. SyonInfomedia.com

Syon Infomedia is a complete web development agency that can make for you almost everything you can think of. They have experience in mobile and web development, CMS solutions but also eCommerce and many other things.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

What I like these guys is that they respect deadlines, they are flexible and the pricing can be afforded by all of us.

18. InvoiceBerry.com

Creating a professional invoice will take you no more than 60 seconds, maybe even less. InvoiceBerry is a great invoicing platform that has included many useful features like customizing, tracking and even sending reminders.

Useful Tools and Services for Developers in 2017

These are just a small part of their features that you should check on their website. They have a free plan and the first premium package starts from just $15/month. Register for the free plan and upgrade if needed.

Most of these web tools have trials you can opt for, so trying them is free for a certain period of time. You can easily find out how a certain tool works and how it can help you in your projects.