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You have built your website, customized the design, included all the modern nifty features and last but not least populated it with mind-blowing content – in one word, in your opinion you have made everything that might bring you thousands of constant readers.

But, nothing of that kind happened; and your ambition of becoming an owner of a successful online magazine/portal/website crashed and burned, leaving you on the ashes of your dream with a regular site that had one hundred visitors per day.

What’s the matter? You will probably ask. Everything is fine from the design to content. The answer is simple: like the majority out there you have encountered the banal obstacle – short memory span of your visitors.

The practice shows that almost 70% of people who come just leave and never come back. So your task is to make them stay; and, one of the best ways to achieve this is to use some email marketing tricks.

If you are running a website that is powered by WordPress then I have a simple, viable and time-tested solution for you – install a plugin and it will give you a helping hand in this struggle for readers and buyers.

You need one that helps to build your subscription list and make offers more prominent and memorable. There are many of them in the lead generation market: OptinMonster, Bloom, Thrive Leads, Icegram etc.

Why We Finally Choose OptinMonster to Help Us Increase Our Subscribers

All of them have a goal to convert your visitors into subscribers and customers; but not all of them can boast of great functionality that sorts out all the minor issues and broadens your possibilities.

If you need a proper man at your fingertips then you should pay attention to OptinMonster. OptinMonster takes up a better position among others personally for us as we are one of those who enjoy the benefits of its potential.

The reason why we finally settled for OptinnMonster is the simplicity of using it. The other reason is we have many other WordPress plugins installed which often cause a conflict with other lead generation plugins but for OptinMonster, it seems to be the least problematic for us.

We have with the magic produced by Optinmonster, managed to increase our email newsletter subscriber list and double the revenue; and that’s a pretty tangible effect.

Recipe for Success

Optinmonster has even more than you actually need to get the users on the hook. With its increasingly intuitive interface and a great deal of features, it is an ideal option for non-tech-savvy people who the majority of website owners are.

You do not need to be a developer to create eye-catching lead capture forms or a marketer to understand and turn the reader’s’ behavior to your advantage.

Just get the most out of Optinmonster’s neat and flexible drag & drop builder to generate opt-in forms that are destined to produce the highest conversion rates or just set your eyes on one of the predefined beautifully crafted templates. If you want more customization, you would need to know some CSS.

Why We Finally Choose OptinMonster to Help Us Increase Our Subscribers

You can select among a dozen display types starting from modern lightbox popups and ending with traditional sidebar forms. Combine them with the page level targeting feature that traces user’s location and behavior on the website in order to showcase unique forms to unique groups of visitors, saving your time and resources by speaking to the right audience.

Sprinkle all this with proper timing. And you will get a professional instrument for grabbing reader’s attention and converting casual users into followers in a flash. The recipe is easy peasy.

Outstanding features

That’s not all. As I have said, Optinmonster is a toolbox that is filled with instruments. The most noteworthy are:

  • A/B testing for figuring out the solutions that work best for your website: just conduct some experiments with a theme, content, headline or styles to create a fertile environment;
  • A variety of form types although I would love to have more template designs for each form but it’s enough at the moment.
  • Easily built-in 2-step optin technology. It is proved to be a conversion booster, which takes the bull by the horns;
  • Mobile-targeted popups that are a must-have for our fast-moving world that resorts to the use of smartphones and recently because Google is penalizing intrusive mobile pop-ups, Optinmonster helps you to stay compliant.
  • Good customer support with fast responses and friendly staff that are ready to solve all the issues.

Why We Finally Choose OptinMonster to Help Us Increase Our Subscribers

Depending on the plan you can take your campaigns far and beyond with scheduling, content locking, exit-intent technology, full screen takeover, fancy effects, and much more. Though if you have just one site, then the basic option is sufficient to feel its impact.

It costs just $9 a month and you will get all the necessary stuff to double your subscription list and get an instant lift on revenue in a graceful way without irritating your online visitors.

Taking visitors and converting them into followers – is a dream for every website owner. As any dream it requires endeavor and a proper tool for fulfilling it. I have shared with you one of the two essential components, all you have to do is to put in some effort to push the matter through.

I would recommend you to give Optinmonster a try, especially as they have a “No questions asked. 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!”