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Everyone is looking for better and more efficient communication and collaboration, this is especially true for designers. We have been searching for a tool that can revolutionize our design workflow and we’re glad that we found one.

InVision is a product design platform, which includes prototyping functionality for web and graphic designers to quickly prototype design without having the need to write code or change tools. Our design team are excited about using the Enterprise InVision app to quickly create prototypes and manage all our design needs. After using InVision, it became clear that this application could very well be the last design collaboration tool we will ever need.

Benefits of Using InVision

A good designer will always have a good tool at his/her disposal. The range of tutorial videos helps us to understand the basics of InVision instantly as well as pick up some advanced tips and tricks.

InVision Pro Tips

After experiencing InVision, here are some of the benefits our design team discovered:

  • We can now create faster prototypes, taking approximately 60 minutes from start to finish.
  • The preview mode that allows our team to observe the progress of the prototype is great.
  • We can utilize the Build mode to interact with hotspots.
  • One of our favourite features is Live Share! It allows us to collaborate during prototype creation using a browser screen. Our team members are able to sketch inside InVision’s interface.
  • We love to comment, so the comment mode is handy for commenting on projects, adding sketches, and leaving notes. The upcoming Inbox feature is appealing.
  • The history mode for observing previous project screens and comments makes tracking easy.
  • We love how we can integrates with Dropbox to store large files, including SKETCH, PSD, PDF, JPG, GIF, and PNG.
  • The hovering capabilities to create menus and tooltips and the ability to create prototypes for mobile phones and tablets prove useful.
  • The presentation mode to send links to members for observation and approval of prototypes. They are able to explore the prototype on a browser to see how it would actually look on the web.
  • InVision has a To-Do-List to discuss issues and improvements of prototypes. Our team can quickly read comments from clients, copywriters, marketing professionals, and developers.
  • The release of new features, integration and feedback gathering has made InVision a growing and smart application and we love to work with smart people.

Outstanding Features of InVision

When compared to other similar applications, InVision is probably the most efficient and productive. The app can be integrated with Dropbox storage and project management applications, including Slack and Trello. Our team stores files in Dropbox to free storage on InVision. They use Dropbox as a backup just in case files are accidentally deleted from the InVision app. InVision has no limitation requirements for storing and sharing files containing logos, websites, and photographs.

InVision Mobile App Prototype

InVision is also used by our team for the web, tablet, and mobile, including iOS and Android prototyping. They share designs and information with each other and sometimes with the clients. An important feature for quality team work is the project management feature, which allows web designers to interact with clients and each other. The Single-Sign-On (SSO) feature integrates with InVision for authorized collaborators to access when needed.

Want To Try The InVision App? Free Trial Available!

It is free to sign up for the InVision application for one project or you can applied for a free Enterprise trial. The app is great for companies with more than five team members. The cost for all packages, including starter, professional, team, and enterprise are affordable and designed to meet economical and capacity needs.

Our team has benefited from the enterprise edition of the InVision app and is eagerly waiting for the new feature, Motion. We believe that we will have a long lasting working relationship with InVision app.

Are you still looking for the best design collaboration tool? We know how hard it is and every designers has different preferences. We took a leap of faith by trying out InVision and never regret. Now it’s your turn! Let us know your views and feedback when you try out InVision.