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Hey isn’t this a web design site?! Sure is. But I have it on good authority that web designers, along with a lot of the rest of the world love coffee. And, you know, convenience. And quality. I sure do.

Driftaway Coffee is a freshly roasted coffee subscription that is personalized to your taste, delivered directly to your door. All subscriptions start with a tasting kit of four different coffees, you try them out, enter your favorites and based on which ones you like, you will get coffees matching your taste profile.

I’m in! Driftaway is sponsoring here, of course, but my house is a legit paid subscriber. We subscribe to a bunch of stuff at our house, to make our lives easier. Things that we know we’ll use and use at a fairly constant rate. Dog food, paper towels, and Epic bars! Coffee is totally on that list, but I’m not about to buy coffee from Amazon.

I want an online coffee retailer that I can trust. That is incentivized to send me fresh coffee that I like because that’s what they’ve hinged their business on. Fortunately, that’s Driftaway.

My house, in the wee hours of the morning.

So how’s the coffee? I’m a fan. I’d say we’re borderline coffee snobs around my house. We have a gooseneck kettle to get the water to the perfect 205°F. We have an Chemex Coffeemaker with a permanent home on the counter, right next to our fancy burr grinder. All that to say we’ve spent some time and money on our enjoyment of coffee and refining our tastes. I’ve enjoyed all of the profiles they’ve sent us so far, but of course, some more than others.

You really do teach them what you think of the coffees, so future orders can be refined.

The Kitchn (a popular home cooking site) says of Driftaway “This is a great subscription for someone wanting to dive into the world of coffee, as Driftaway makes the process simple yet still focused on what you think tastes best.”

Join thousands of others that are part of the Driftaway family today!

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