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I’m just back from Barcelona, where I was at Smashing Conf. It was a lovely trip for many, many reasons. The city itself was a beautiful labyrinth of narrow streets between lovely old buildings dotted with lively shops, bars, and restaurants. The Smashing crew (and Media Temple) treated us to fancy meal after fancy meal, including one on top of a tower we traveled to by cable car. I met loads of interesting people for the first time, attendees and speakers alike. Very late one evening I stumbled past a closed shop and saw this wonderful deer(?) head, and when I walked past the same shop again more soberly the next day, I knew I had to buy it. A perfect keepsake from the trip.

I gave my talk “The Wonderful World of SVG” there. I updated it every time I give it, but this may have been the last time I’ll give it without a complete revamp, or moving onto something else someday when I have something new to share.

The slides are here:

Smashing Conf is good about posting videos of talks, so I’ll link to it once that goes up. But variations of this talk have been recorded and posted a number of times, including SVG Is For Everybody at beyond tellerrad D