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The best developers try to stay on top of the latest technologies. The old adage “why reinvent the wheel” comes to mind.

Although there are plenty of JS-based libraries for lazy loading and asynchronous page scrolling, new libraries pop up every day. The goal of a new library is to solve problems that haven’t been solved with other code bases.

Introducing Cycligent.js, a free open source solution for JavaScript asynch development. Of course this can include lazy loading but also async tasks like connecting to remote servers and pulling down assets.

There’s a large amount of documentation to read and familiarize yourself with. Cycligent runs with traditional objects like classes, methods etc.

The library has been tested to work in all modern versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE 9+. Browser support can be improved with another JS script like IE7.js.

If you’re interested to check it out, head over to the GitHub repo and pull down a copy. Cycligent.js may also be accessed via npm module.

Read More at Cycligent.js – Brand New Open Source Asynchronous Loading Library

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