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According to Verizon’s featured article, the company has just released a brand new logo only 1 day after Google’s update. I can’t help but notice that Verizon is going in a similar fashion with simpler colors and curves.

The change has been described as a new chapter for the large telecommunications company. Here are shots of both to compare:

Old Logo

older Verizon logo

New Logo

brand new Verizon logo August 2015

As quoted from their blog:

As our customers and our business evolve, so must we. The reveal of our new brand is more than just a new look. It’s a chance to further everyone’s understanding of who Verizon is and where we are going. After 15 years, the new visual identity marks the beginning of the next chapter to distinguish Verizon in the minds of consumers and signals our revitalized purpose of delivering the promise of the digital world — simply, reliably and in a way that consumers want.

The idea is to place less emphasis on the Verizon “check mark” icon, but still keep it as a vital part of the brand identity. Imagery creates a strong force and Verizon’s check mark is often associated with “getting things done”. Not much has been lost in this redesign – only a restyling of existing elements.

A source photo was taken and posted on Twitter, and there’s also a preview on the Verizon blog.

new Verizon 2015 logo preview

What are your thoughts on this change? Love it? Hate it? Couldn’t care less?

Do you think it make as much of an impact as Verizon hopes it will?

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